2015 High School Summer Training Program

Presented by Hanson's Coaching Services

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Every year we get high school kids, coaches, and parents asking for summer programs to help motivate their, or their kids', running. We have developed a set of 10 week schedules to help kids reach 300, 400, 500, 600 or 700 mile summer milestones. High school athletes now have a fun and challenging summer training program that will not only motivate them to see where they stack up against kids from all over the country, but also get insight from professional runners along the way!
With the HCS High School Summer Training Program, you now have the opportunity to pick the brains of our coaches and find out what they did to take their running to the next level (or what they wish they would have done). Our goal is to motivate and educate, but not take away your coaches influence. In fact, we want your coach to be a part of this process and provide their input! To make sure of this, we have a given them complete access to the program and a coaching account on Final Surge for the entire summer completely free!


Challenge Starts on June 8th!